November 30, 2011

What a long week.....

My week consisted of me finally finishing my slouchy beret, making pom-pom clips, and taking pictures of my cat !!
I like how I did it, it's actually a beanie I made extra big and decreased to my taste.
Very simple. I took some pics of me wearing it, so you can see.
I'm my own camera man!

This is the chubby side of my face...

P.S. My eyes aren't closed!! Then I decided I was gonna add a pom-pom.
A brown one!!!

Then I thought I should add another one, A RED ONE!!!!

I made this pom-pom hair clip... It's my first one!!!

I was trying to take a picture of my cat, Felix, but he can't take a picture
for nothing...He doesn't like pictures because of the flash...but even without the flash he
won't take one. This is the best picture I've gotten so far!!

Look at him!!! So calm and sleepy!! He's so stink'n cute!!

November 25, 2011

Felties and Rice warmers!!!

I've been trying to make felt flower bobby pins, because I don't like
those big bulky ones...(it depends) so I thought, hrmmm....
I should make my own!!!
Anyway this is what I came up with...I took some pictures
for you to ganderize (gander.. get it!!?) at ...

I also made some rice warmers... If you dont know what a rice warmer is
let me explain to you right ... now...
 You put rice in like a sock or ..ahem .... you sew a little bag and
put rice in it, and you heat it up in the micro. for 30 secs-1 min. and it warms your hands!!
But the catch is , they must completely cool before you heat 'em up again...and every now and
then you need to get new ones so the rice won't burn....See what I made

And then I thought I should embroider some.. to make it cute.. I made these for a
friend of mine.. she loved   'em....

Please be kind and do not reproduce for sale, Do NOT  use my pictures without my
permission.. Use pictures of what YOU made to show your fans!!
thank you!!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday-The works....

As you know Thanksgivng just passed,and my grandmama
came up from the Virgin Islands( my homeland) for her birthday,
Anyway.. It was AWESOME!!! We ate, and ate, and ate.. then we all started
feeling so tired! Even the pets was feeling stuffed.. because they ate thanksgiving dinner too!!
My mom took a picture of me and Felix snoozing...
Then I took a picture of grandma sleeping...

Then after I woke, I caught felix sleeping in the wardrobe amongst the shoes...

Moving on to Black Friday!!!
We went to Jcpenny and I finally got all the clothes that I needed..
NEEDED not WANT ... there is a very big difference, and this time
it's not want!! Then we went to go take our family portrait at Jcpenny
also.. i took this picture of my brother kyle..

He was trying on this ridiculas elmo hat!!!
He looked really cute!!

November 19, 2011

Petite spice cakes

I was searching for an exquisite madeleine recipe to  try when I thought ,
why not come up with my own!  Oh yes I thought! What a grand idea!! I already
knew the basic ingredients but I wanted to create something original so I wanted to
put my style into it. If you know me, you  know I love all things
spiced. Spiced hot cocoa , Pumpkin pie , Spiced coffee streusel... and the list goes on!
So I came up with this:

 The're  very petite indeed...They're not perfectly shaped and not very sweet...
that's why they're PERFECT!!
1 cup of  flour (doesnt matter what type you use)
1 to 1/2 cup of salted butter , softened (more is better)
2 large eggs
1 tsp. clear vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. baking powder
pinch salt
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. brown sugar
2/3 cup of granulated white sugar
 First you'r going to cream the butter and both the white and brown sugar
on high, until it's light and fluffy. Like so...
Then you're going to add the vanilla. Turn to low speed and add the eggs ,
one by one. Like this...
Mix on high  for 3-4 minutes, then set aside. Now in a separate
bowl, you're going to combine the flour, salt, cinammon, and baking powder.
You're going to GENTLY fold the dry ingredients into the wet mixture... Like this....
When you're done , refridgerate the batter for 30 min.
Preheat the oven to 375 F., and spray mini muffin paper tins with non-stick
spray. I was able to make 2 dozen of these little cakes. So yes, spray 24 mini muffin paper
tins. Like this...
Take out the batter, and use a SMALL spoon to fill these up!! It doesnt take that much to fill
these little things up!!
Bake for 7-10 minutes, and let cool. Take off the paper tins , they should come off
very easily... Serve warm ,dust with powdered sugar, or serve with whipped cream!!
 If you want a more flavored spice cake , add
1 tsp. of  nutmeg, 1 tsp. of ginger, and 1 tsp. of all spice, along with the cinnamon!!!
 Hope you enjoyed my recipe!!! Please be kind and do not claim as your own!!

November 18, 2011

Soft Winter Slippers (or Mary Janes)

For my pattern , it really depends on what size or type of yarn your using.
Im using chunky green yarn, with a size G needle, to make it a bit more plush.
It fit my mom , which is about a size 11. (Yes i come from a big foot family..)
You might have to experiment and  see what works for your foot size...
For my foot im like a size 9-10
I dont remeber what size yarn it was but , the name of the brand was
Lionbrand. It's really good quality yarn. They sell it at Joanne's for $ 2.33, its a good size roll
for that amount of money.
Rnd 1: Im gonna do 6 dc in a magic circle. then im gonna close up the ring.

Rnd 2: Do
2 dc in each st (12 dc). Sl st in the top of the first st and ch 2.
Rnd 3: Now we're going to do 1 dc in the first st , and do 2 dc in the next (18 dc). Sl st ,ch 2.
Rnd 4: We're  going to do 1 dc in the next 2 st, then 2 dc in the next st(24 dc). You are
 going to follow that pattern all the way around.
 This is what my slipper looked like after Rnd 4,

Now do 1 or  2 even rows( which means do 1 dc in each st around sl st, ch 2),
it depends on how long you want the
toe of your slipper to be (24 dc).( This is what my slipper looked like after the even rows.

Now pay attention , we're going to be working in rows. This is gonna
make the sole of the shoe.
Do 18 dc, ch 2 and turn. Do 8 rows of this. This is what mine looked like after row 3,

On the 9th row, you're gonna work in the first 9 dc, then dc3tog.
and work the rest of the st. Now we're gonna do another row.
For this row we're gonna work in the first 8 dc then dc3tog.
Work in the rest of the stitches.

We are going to seam up the open edge, which will make the heel of
the slipper. LISTEN UP...
You need to turn the shoe inside out! I kept forgetting to do so.

Ta- da!!  Turn right side and you should have a basic slipper.

Now pay attention to this part.. Even I kept messing up on this part!
 You may use a contrasting color if you want.
You're gonna join in the center and also do a sc in that same spot. Now you're gonna
sc along the side until you reach to the corner. When you reach to the corner you are going to sc3tog.

Then do about 3 dc, and sc3tog again at the next corner. If you don't want to add the strap
( I prefer not to...) , then continue single crocheting down the side , and sc3tog at the heel. fasten off and weave in.
If you do want to add the strap then after doing a sc3tog for the seond time,
do 3-4 sc then ch 10. join at the opposite side of the slipper. You shold be doing something like this,

Then, work in the ch ,and then continue working along the side as before..You should
be doing something like so...

Lastly , sc3tog at the heel , fasten off and weave in the tail...
and ....TA-DA!!! You're finally done with your slippers!!!

Please be knid, and dont reproduce for sale, and don't
use my pictures without permission!! Use pictures of  what YOU made to show your fans!!

November 9, 2011

Late school afternoons....

So my friend miss maggie's  birthday was on wednesday... and NOBODY TOLD ME...then they're all like ...

AND I GO, " For what...",

They're all like ..." HOW COULD YOU FORGET !!!? "

All i could say was, "  You didnt tell me... maybe ill give you a belated present...oh well"

And then they walk away feeling embarrased for giving me such.. short.. notice.

Anyway I was  over at  Ordinary Mommy Design and i saw her recipe for sugar + spiced walnuts and
thought i should make some. At first i though what s the point, I don't even like walnuts.. yet...THEY...WERE...AWESOME!!!!! 
( I think you  should try the recipe yourself  ) 
So i decided im gonna make some for my friend miss maggie... also im gonna whip up some 
Soft winter slippers and wish her happy B-Day  at her surprise party this weekend.... These are the type of slippers I make....

They're mary jane slippers without the strap...
( i dont like the strap cause what if the person i make 'em for has back problems or something,like my mom)