October 30, 2011

Sunday Afternoons....

    I sat up in the last hours of the day crocheting stuff... these last few days have been good though , new art ideas overflowing in my brain and i can't stop it!!  For instance,  I thought i should make a flower clip and even better a triple layered flower!!! Uh-huh... I am awesome and i came up with my own pattern(which is rare mind you...)!!!
                                                             Heres the end product:

    You can make one to .... my pattern is on the tutorials page, once i get that running!! My tutorials also have pictures to guide you.... i use abbreviations ....if you cant read those heres the list that i use:
                                    crochet abbreviations:
                            dc= double crochet
                            sc= single crochet
                            tc= triple crochet
                            sl st= slip stitch
                            ch= chain
                            st= stitch

please comment and if you have any tips, tricks or ideas or recipes you want to share let me know!!