January 20, 2012

Kitty Love.

I have dedicated this post in particular about my kitty, Felix.
He is the most adorable cat ever. Although there has been times where
I wish he would go away, You can't help but fall for his charm.



I think Felix started getting angry when I put the flash on , and you will see in
the picture below what the outcome was.

Either he was angry  or he was trying to be a darling for the picture.
Because after the picture he started purring and licking the area where he bit me.


I finally designed a beanie that increased on its own. I love wearing beanies
but I like them extra long so that they can cover my ears. I like the way this beanie
turned out because I can slouch it , and I can also
roll it up and have it fit cozily on my head, as shown below.

What awesomeness!