March 24, 2012

Lace Headband.

I crocheted this lovely lace headband in about 10 min.
I usually can't can never pull off a headband , but this time I made an effort!
Since I thought this headband was so darling I thought, I should be totally imaginative
and turn it into something magnificent!!
" Your imagination is your only limit "
So my ideas for this lace pattern was to create a
awesome slouch hat.
I think that would definitely be classified as
I took a close up pic, so you can kinda see the totally
unique design...

I think I discovered, and accomplished something awesome today. I
also think that today I rocked the hippie headband look!
By the way, you can also discover something new, If you go to Great for beginners!!!
With more to come.

Love, Lenisha

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